Research & Innovation




Research and innovation are part of the Marchesini Group’s DNA.

Imagine a machine able to manufacture a tooling format at the same speed a project engineer can design a CAD drawing, and imagine an optimized work flow that can satisfy customer requirements 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Imagine designing a part today and shipping a manufactured a part that is tested and guaranteed in 24 hours.

This all possible because of new production concept called Fast Format Maker, this makes us the only company in our sector that is able to completely and independently rapidly, manufacture parts in a unique and original format. Parts used for thermoforming, sterile and the liquid filling machinery.

The home of this process is our Calderino plant; we receive customer request, our technicians elaborate the project, assign a name, code, and color in basis of production priority.

The machine operator loads raw material in the machine magazine and starts manufacturing the parts.

We are offering customers finished products in the shortest possible time. Soon we will have developed additional technology that will allow us to reduce intermediate steps and the possibility to repeat identical parts with an totally independent work flow.