Integra 320 with pre-feeder “Valida” for utmost product control

October 17, 2016


Among the many innovations to be presented during the Open House will be a variant of Integra 320 with the new Valida technology. The pre-feeder upstream from the line exploits a new pill integrity control system called “Multivision”.

This patented artificial system has:
– Four overhead cameras that monitor the pills fed along the channels to check their shape and colour are correct;
– A camera that verifies the height of the pills by means of laser triangulation to reject feasible non-compliant products and photocells to ensure the latter are actually rejected.

Marchesini has specifically developed the software program to manage the “pill integrity control” function to a mean tolerance of 20% and to identify feasible intrusions.

The infeed speed of the machine is roughly 3000 pills a minute.

The pre-feeder fitted on Integra 320 offers two main advantages:
1. Thanks to a laser triangulation system, the Valida device is able to recognise the thickness and consequently eliminate even pills that are split exactly in half, with one side completely intact, but the other partially or totally missing. In such conditions, a conventional camera that detects the product just from the top is not able to notice this error;
2. Without the Valida pre-feeder, when a broken or mixed-up pill is inserted into a blister, the camera can just recognise the error and send the input to reject the whole blister. Thanks therefore to the Valida pre-feeder, there is no waste of product or packaging material. This improves the incredibly high efficiency of Integra 320 even further.

This mechanism substantially rejects just single pills so that they are not let into the blister filling system.

At the Open House in Carpi, the Integra 320 with Valida pre-feeder will be integrated with the new labeller BL A420CW.