(EN) Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of Marchesini Group, lays the foundation stone of the Group’s new factory in Carpi

May 8, 2015

Pianoro (Bologna) – Today, Maurizio Marchesini, CEO of Marchesini Group and Chairman of the Italian Industrialists Confederation of Emilia-Romagna, laid the foundation stone of the Group’s new factory in Carpi.

Maurizio Marchesini, Marco Marchesini e Giuseppe Monti con alcuni lavoratori del sito di Carpi

The factory, which is being built on the industrial state south of the city on a plot of over 14 thousand square meters, will be officially opened in October 2016.
“This plot of land was really put to the test during the earthquake and for this reason the new hub will have a truly emblematic meaning” Maurizio Marchesini stated whilst standing alongside Marco Marchesini, Production Director of the Group, Giuseppe Monti, long-standing Technical Director and some colleagues of the production facilities in Carpi, for the ritual photo taken whilst laying the foundation stone. After laying the first stone, the establishment will rise quickly to be able to inaugurate the factory in just over a year.

Marchesini Group has invested 10 million Euro to build this strategic factory, which will become the biggest production hub in Italy of thermoforming systems.

Once the facilities are fully functioning, the hub in Carpi will employ the top experts of the sector. The present premises in Carpi employ about 130 people and this number will rise once the new production unit has been completed.

The Group will be employing mostly professional “technicians”, among whom will be mechanical and electronic engineers and automation experts as well as specialised mechanics.