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Press Kit
July 21, 2016
Press Kit


The mission of Marchesini Group is to design and build packaging machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Since Massimo Marchesini put together his first cartoning machine in a garage back in 1974, from a local business the Group has turned into a compact multinational enterprise, thanks to mergers and acquisitions of various businesses, capable of creating whole lines for the entire packaging process, from batching drugs into vials, bottles and blisters through to putting the packed product into bundles, cases and pallets at the end of the line.
88% of the Group’s turnover of 270 million Euro (figures of 2015 and 9% higher than those of 2014) is gained through exports. Marchesini employs 1200 people in Italy and abroad and is one of the top manufacturers of the Packaging Valley of the Emilia-Romagna region, as well as being an international enterprise. It has facilities in 116 countries across the world, 18 divisions on reference marketplaces and a network of 35 agencies.


Marchesini Group has boosted its sales and after-sales networks, but its biggest stronghold is that its production is based in Italy. This guarantees utmost product quality and valorises its relations with the local businesses that form a solid network of sub-suppliers; most of these are small and very small artisan factories but crucial for the Group’s success.


The end result is artisanal machines that can package any type of pharmaceutical and cosmetic product tailored to the customer’s every specific need. This result is also achieved thanks to the Group’s specialised branches spread around Italy, each of which focuses on designing and manufacturing packaging machines for specific types of production facilities, such as aseptic packaging (Corima, Siena), blister packaging (factory in Carpi) or the construction of machines for applying self-adhesive labels on an extensive array of products (Neri, Barberino del Mugello). The Group not only concentrates on specialisation, but also on offering a superb after-sales and assistance service around the world. It can indeed respond to worldwide customer enquiries and requests within 24 hours from calling in any part of the world.


85% of the Group’s products are for the pharmaceutical sector where Marchesini is an important landmark, not just for multinational enterprises, but also for small and medium companies working in the field of generics and sub-contracted pharmaceuticals. The remaining 15% of its machinery is for the cosmetic industry, where Marchesini offers innovative solutions for packaging top-of-the-range products. These percentages are evolving dynamically, especially since the cosmeceutical industry has become a part of the current business segments, which the Marchesini Group is developing stronger and stronger.


The Group’s strategic policy for the future is to continue making investments to boost both the commercial network and the service network – in order to cover worldwide markets and to ensure customers are able to fully exploit the product – as well as to valorise the brand, which is synonymous with quality and excellence worldwide. An important move in this direction is represented by the Group’s Code of Ethics, which was written recently, giving the company’s activities of Corporate Social Responsibility an even more organised structure. The Code was published on January 1st this year and has been given to all the employees and stakeholders. It implements a set of principles and behavioural guidelines that aim not only to preserve the safety, liberty and dignity of people, but above all to continue growing responsibly.

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